CASE STUDY: Regional and Rural Career Transition

Author: Trevor-Roberts


Employees impacted: 35

Locations: 57% based rurally

Length of project: 16 months

Client contact: Human Resource Director

In response to ongoing market pressures, one of Australia’s long standing national dairy companies faced an organisational restructure after more than 95 years in operation. Thirty-five employees were impacted; 20 of whom lived and worked in a rural community of less than 10,000 people. Impacted employees worked across a range of functions, including finance, administration, technology & engineering, warehousing, IT, and some senior level managers.


  • Trevor-Roberts worked with the organisation's HRD to create a solution that was fully tailored to the needs of each individual affected by the restructure in order to maximise results based on each individual’s goals. Each person was matched with a specific program, based on their service line, experience and seniority.
  • Our CEO briefed the organisation’s Executive Team prior to the announcement day and consulted on appropriate methods for delivering the restructuring message to employees in an honest and dignified manner.
  • Trevor-Roberts arranged to have 6 consultants available across 3 national locations and provided announcement support on the day to both managers and employees. It was important to support the managers on the day, as this was a new process and at times, was highly charged and emotional.
  • We collaborated at each site with line managers, HR managers, and EAP on announcement day to provide advice and support where necessary and ensure the process was managed smoothly.
  • Trevor-Roberts acted quickly to set up temporary operations in the rural locations to ensure our coaches engaged with the majority of affected employees on announcement day. This allowed our team to support the individual as they exited the organisation whilst managing the emotions that came with such a transition, as well as assisting the organisation to effectively manage its employer brand amongst remaining and exiting employees.Get your restructure kit here


  • Net promoter score for this project: 71[1]
  • 100% of impacted employees in rural locations found new roles (in towns with populations of less than 10,000 people).
  • 94% of impacted employees found new contract or permanent roles, began studying again, started their own business or transitioned into retirement at the completion of the program.
  • The facility was like a second family to the workers. All employees reported feeling supported, and retained respect for the organisation.
  • 100% positive matches between career consultants and impacted employees, resulting from our wide range of highly experienced consultants across sectors and geographic locations
  • 100% would positively rate the effectiveness of their Trevor-Roberts Career Transition Program
  • 100% would highly rate their experience with their Trevor-Roberts career coach


Very thoughtful and caring. Nothing was a problem, any time of the day. Made me feel like I still had a future, which was very reassuring. Everything was a positive experience.

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[1] A Net promoter score (NPS) is a measure of likelihood that our customers would recommend our services to a friend or colleague. A company’s NPS can fall anywhere between -100 and 100, with the average across most companies being 5-10, and 30-40 universally considered “good”. Bain & Co defines a score of 50-80 as “very good to outstanding”. 

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