Career Transition Restructures

What is a Career Transition Program?

Employers typically engage Career Transition services (also known as outplacement) to support affected individuals through retrenchments in a range of organisational change situations including downsizing, rightsizing and site shutdowns. Alternatively, individuals who are looking to quietly transition from an organisation they no longer wish to be a part of may also engage a career transition provider. 

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What are the benefits of engaging a Career Transition Provider?

Trevor-Roberts partners with organisations to:

  • Support employees experiencing job loss – our outplacement programs aim to provide employees with strategies for managing the complex range of emotions and challenges experienced during this time, as well as practical assistance to identify next steps and tools to conduct a successful job search.
  • Support employees implementing redundancies – we provide support and advice to managers and HR professionals to prepare and conduct conversations with employees impacted by redundancy. Our Consultants are available to be on site with organisations as these announcements are made and can offer support to both leaders and employees. Our announcement day support allows us to give advice about what affected individuals should do that very day, how to communicate the news to their families as well as outlining the Career Transition program that an employer has made available.
  • Support the organisation to protect its reputation – the way redundancies are managed can have a significant impact on how suppliers, customers and prospective employees perceive an organisation. Trevor-Roberts’ outplacement services ensure that exiting employees are treated with respect and dignity and supported through this transition, minimising risk to an employer brand.
  • Support remaining employees – employees’ perceptions of the fairness and supportiveness with which redundancies are managed will impact on productivity, morale, turnover and absenteeism whether employees experience job loss or not. Outplacement programs increase perceptions of fairness and support.
     Trevor-Roberts also offers services to build team cohesiveness and performance post change.


What is a Career Transition Program?

A career transition provider typically offers a combination of the below. Trevor-Roberts offers all the following to it’s participants, depending on their levels of seniority:

  • A dedicated career coach to work through:
    • Dealing effectively with change and resilience building
    • Identifying core values, signature strengths and capabilities, professional skills and experience
    • Exploration of alternative next career directions and reality testing
    • Personal marketing tools such as LinkedIn, resume and cover letters
    • How to best approach the job market, including online and personal networks
    • The critical skills for job hunting including research, networking and intelligence gathering
    • Strategy and tactics on how to engage with prospective organisations
    • Exploration of effective self-employment options , including starting or buying a business, consultancy, not-for-profit involvement and portfolio careers
    • Financial sufficiency, financial planning, tax and superannuation for Executives

Programs vary in duration, content, design, the seniority of the consultants and the resources provided. The level of program depends on the type of program the employer has chosen for the affected employee.  Trevor-Roberts works with individuals of all levels of seniority, from administration and technical workers through to executives, supported with extensive resources in relation to research, external specialist advice and facilities.

Once career coaching begins with an individual, the process is confidential (in order to win the trust of the participant, and to ensure that absolutely frank and fearless advice is given where necessary).  General feedback only as to the broad progress of each individual is provided back to the organisation.

Employer branding

By engaging a career transition provider for retrenched employees, an organisation is helping to preserve the employment brand of the organisation:  its ability to attract and retain talented people into the future. All businesses, large and small have an “alumni” of former staff, many of whom stay in touch with each other and with current staff. These are the people who will share the truth of an employer brand, especially in the world of social media.  An employment brand can also be conveyed by what existing staff say to friends and potential recruits in the future. 

A successful Career Transition program

An effective career transition program helps individuals move quickly into constructive activity, lessens the risks of litigation, helps individuals make wise decisions about future careers and shortens the period of transition to a new career for most participants. 

The overwhelming feedback we receive is that by helping program participants to transform their careers, we are also empowering them to transform their lives. The individuals who use our programs come away with a direction for the future and a roadmap to get there. With our Career Transition programs, we see our customers improve not only their skills and capabilities, but also develop a new approach to the job market. We provide our customers with the tools to succeed, and as a result they become more effective in the job market and secure new opportunities.

Trevor-Roberts offers outplacement services across Australia and New Zealand.



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