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Using neuroplasticity for leadership 

One of my strongest memories from high school is of the one and only time I was called to the Principal’s office. I had been called there because, unbeknownst to me, one of my ‘friends’ had been overheard threatening to ‘rough me up’. Also...

The power of a great employer brand starts from the top

‘The employer brand, the attractiveness of that organisation as a place to work, has become as important to retention as the product brand is to product sales’. Dr Shirley Jenner and Stephen Taylor, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School...

When can uncertainty be used positively whilst managing organisational change?

It has always struck me as peculiar how we comfortably live with uncertainty every day - will I make it to work on time; what shall I have for lunch; will my presentation go well - and yet during times of organisational change we want to know...

Leading through a restructure: Why narratives are so important

One of the single most important tasks for executives leading through a restructure is the creation of a compelling narrative for the new future. This narrative is essential when it comes to guiding both the behaviours of an organisation’s...

4 tips to ensure your Senior Leadership forum is a success

Great organisations create the opportunities for their senior leadership team to come together, build strong relationships and solve problems. Epiphanies often happen when everyone is in the room. There is something about the collective intelligence...

How Our Inner Conversations Build Our Careers

We all talk to ourselves. In our heads there are constant thoughts and reactions, aspirations and intuitions flitting about. These inner conversations are what propel us forward, for the most part. But in the busy, cut-and-thrust world of work, the...

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