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Where is my place? (Part 1: what is place?) [Meaningful Work Series #5]

“I want a great place to work.”

What is my contribution? [Meaningful Work Series #4]

Remember when you spent two hours on that spreadsheet and finally got it to work? Or solved a complex engineering problem. Perhaps you tried a new counselling technique that worked beautifully or finally got the app to do what you wanted.

Who are my people? [Meaningful Work Series #3]

Humans are social creatures. We want to be part of a group. This innate need to belong arose from our primate ancestry, as it served us better to organise and live in groups than it did to live alone. First, it was safer as together we could ward...

How do I find meaningful work? [Meaningful Work Series #2]

This blog is part of our Meaningful Work series. Read the first blog here. I recall my conversation with Patrick, who had spent most of his career in retail and human resources across three continents, about his motivation to work. "It's hard to...

Building a career of substance: The search for meaningful work [Meaningful Work Series #1]

I remember my first interaction with a guidance counselor at school. After completing a questionnaire, I was shown a vast array of possible occupations I was apparently suited to. The list was huge, I didn’t even know there were so many types of...

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