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7 Tips for Successful Technical to Leadership Transition

Chris* worked in Technical Support and had been with his organisation for almost 7 years. He was a skilled and diligent worker, popular with his peers and trusted by his bosses. When a team leader role became vacant Chris was the obvious choice....

Building the NGO sector in Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, was thought to be the infamous Shangra-la by the western world through the 20th century. This mysterious mountain abode is tucked high in the Himalaya and is wedged between two of the world's...

Who are you at work? Some musings on identity.

"…forms of organizing, the institutional structures of employment, and the experiences of workers are intimately tied to what people do, how they do it, and to the social order that shapes and is created by work" - Prof. Stephen R. Barley,...

10x your leaders’ and organisation’s performance & productivity with leadership coaching

Jill has been working in her role for a while now. She has progressed well and has had great success but she seems to have reached a plateau in her development. As Jill’s leader or HR Business Partner, you know it's time to take things to the next...

Enhancing employee performance through growth mindset

The role of an individual's mindset in driving positive outcomes such as recovery from stress, persistence in tasks and goal achievement has long been established. What may be more surprising though is the role of a leader's mindset in influencing...

How to Select Leadership Development Opportunities for Employees

“How do we select the right development opportunities for our leaders?” This was a question recently asked of me by the General Manager of Organisational Development at a large infrastructure firm. This question was asked following a discussion...

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