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Emotions in the Workplace: Competitive Advantage or Unnecessary Pain?

Why are emotions such a hot topic in the workplace right now? This question was the start of an enthralling conversation with Professor Peter Jordan from Griffith University and Sally Kirkright, CEO of Access EAP at our recent In Conversation series...

The (organisational) career is not dead

This was the argument of Professor David Guest, from Kings College London who spoke recently to a group of HR Directors at a joint Trevor-Roberts/Griffith Business School event. Professor Guest gave three pieces of evidence to back this.

Tales of Tenacity and Triumph: The History of Australia’s Working Women

The history of the Australian working woman is long, complex and packed with stories of tenacity and triumph, inequality and injustice. Looking back at the struggles and victories of the women who came before us, we gain an appreciation for what we...

Redesigning jobs after automation: don’t give up on your employees

NAB has flagged the loss of 6,000 jobs as the impact of new technology and digital transactions cuts a swathe through traditional banking jobs. - ABC NAB to slash 6000 jobs despite bumper $6.6bn profit  - The Australian

How to plan for an unplanned career change

Unplanned career change brings with it a sudden array of pressures. These can include dealing with the uncertainty created by the loss of a formal position, financial concerns, and family instability, as well as the need to articulate capabilities...

Australia's Future Workforce? Interview with Edwin Trevor-Roberts

Christine Cox interviews Edwin Trevor-Roberts and discusses the key trends and issues from CEDA's newest report, 'Australia's Future Workforce?'

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