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Emotions in the Workplace: Competitive Advantage or Unnecessary Pain?

Why are emotions such a hot topic in the workplace right now? This question was the start of an enthralling conversation with Professor Peter Jordan from Griffith University and Sally Kirkright, CEO of Access EAP at our recent In Conversation series...

The (organisational) career is not dead

This was the argument of Professor David Guest, from Kings College London who spoke recently to a group of HR Directors at a joint Trevor-Roberts/Griffith Business School event. Professor Guest gave three pieces of evidence to back this.

How to avoid the negative impacts of a career plateau

Career Plateau can be quite an apt metaphor for how people can feel at times throughout their career. It is often a flat period when it just doesn’t feel like anything is happening. Interestingly though, this isn’t always a bad thing! A career...

Is a career development framework the missing link in your talent management strategy?

As most HR professionals and leaders are now aware, money is not the primary motivator when it comes to your employees wanting to stay in their role. Instead, it is intrinsic factors such as a sense of meaning and purpose, contribution,...

Why is career development important and how does it impact engagement?

  For more than two decades, research has shown us unequivocally that greater employee engagement leads to increased productivity. We even know what boosts employee engagement: employees’ relationships with their managers; job clarity; sufficient...

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