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VIDEO: Shifting to a Proactive Mindset

We humans are incredibly adaptable. Neuroscience has shown us that with willingness and effort we are able to adapt to any situation and in the process build knew neural pathways which allow us to keep operating in a different way.  

VIDEO: Leading in Times of Uncertainty

The first time I read about uncertainty was from the Nobel Prize winner Herbert Simon who highlighted the role of uncertainty in organisational strategy. At the time, Simon was working at the American Carnegie School which was melting pot of...

Emotions in the Workplace: Competitive Advantage or Unnecessary Pain?

Why are emotions such a hot topic in the workplace right now? This question was the start of an enthralling conversation with Professor Peter Jordan from Griffith University and Sally Kirkright, CEO of Access EAP at our recent In Conversation series...

8 ways to use optimism whilst leading through organisational change

Building enthusiasm and engagement in the workplace can be challenging, particularly during times of uncertainty and organisational change. Questions we hear from leaders and HR professionals during these difficult times include: How can I motivate...

Restructure Series: 7 tips on communicating redundancies to employees

We live in an information age where restructures and redundancies become news headlines when handled incorrectly. We provide the following redundancy disaster stories and offer suggestions for alternative methods of communicating redundancies to...

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