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At what stage of a career is career development relevant?

"So, what do you do?"….. The classic (and not to mention sometimes cliché and awkward!) question we've all faced many a time attending BBQs and other social gatherings.

But imagine for a moment that everyone was clear about their career...


What skills do your managers need to hold an effective career conversation?

In all our time working in the careers space, what we have come to learn about career conversations in the workplace is this: they're not happening nearly as much as they should.


How we designed our career development programs

Our premise here at Trevor-Roberts is very simple. People are more productive, engaged and committed when they understand what drives and motivates them, have a clear sense of career direction, and know how their organisation contributes to a...


Where, when and with whom do effective career conversations happen?

It is well documented that career development efforts within the workplace significantly benefit organisations and are an important part of driving performance improvement.


Why career development is important and how it impacts employee engagement

For more than two decades, research has shown us unequivocally that greater employee engagement leads to increased productivity. We even know what boosts employee engagement: employees relationships with their managers; job clarity; sufficient...


What are career conversations and why should you be having them?

 With the changing nature of careers in today’s society, it is more important than ever for employees to manage their careers effectively.  As downsizing, right sizing and offshoring become the norm, employees are often concerned about what they...


4 of our clients' most common questions on restructures & redundancies

Recently a large Human Services firm approached us to assist with a significant restructure and we were asked the following questions, which happen to be the most common questions we receive from clients:

  1. What's the best process for an...

How to plan for an unplanned career change

Unplanned career change brings with it a sudden array of pressures. These can include dealing with the uncertainty created by the loss of a formal position, financial concerns, and family instability, as well as the need to articulate...


The power of a great employer brand starts from the top

‘The employer brand, the attractiveness of that organisation as a place to work, has become as important to retention as the product brand is to product sales’. Dr Shirley Jenner and Stephen Taylor, Manchester Metropolitan University Business...


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